We know the importance of ESD flooring

Our team has extensive experience in renovating ESD floors in hospitals. Tests confirm that by using the ESD Floor system, the floor will regain its conductive properties, in addition to a more bacteria-resistant surface.



Reusing old and worn ESD floors.

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) is used in flooring to prevent the buildup of static electricity that can be transferred from floors and personnel to machinery and tools. When the floor has lost its conductivity, it can be made antistatic using the Dr. Schutz ESD floor system, resulting in a conductive floor with equivalent conductivity to when it was new, along with a refreshed appearance. The surface becomes completely antistatic, durable, and resistant to chemicals.

Upgrading an ESD floor is economically advantageous compared to installing a new one. The improved floor will have a long lifespan, and the process is quick and minimally disruptive, with low noise or interruptions to daily operations.

Flooring types such as epoxy, acrylic, vinyl, and linoleum can all be made antistatic. The floor can be refurbished at low cost and minimal operational downtime.



With our solution, you can build ESD floors on a non-conductive floor.

The lack of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection can lead to costly damages in businesses. Even small sparks, often invisible to the human eye, can cause significant problems, especially in environments like laboratories and electronics manufacturing facilities. Protect your business from unexpected incidents and downtime by investing in an ESD floor that can be installed over your existing non-ESD floor. Contact us for a survey and a competitive price, thus avoiding present and future issues.



Permanent solution against bacteria in hospitals.

VIROBAC meets all necessary requirements for use in healthcare, including hospitals and nursing homes, with its long-lasting and permanently effective antibacterial surface treatment that is effective for over +5 years and resistant to all common cleaning and disinfecting agents. It is sustainable, as bacteria cannot develop resistance to it, and it does not negatively affect health as it does not release toxic biocides or nanoparticles. Additionally, it is economically advantageous with minimal maintenance, universally applicable to all types of floors, and has R9 slip resistance.

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