Housing co-operatives and condominiums

Postponing maintenance of a housing co-operative or condominium can quickly become expensive in the long run. To prevent the property from deteriorating, it is important to carry out regular maintenance work both internally and externally.


Health, safety and environment

How do we ensure safe and secure maintenance?

Good project management is critical to the successful realisation of large projects. If you enter into an agreement with us, you will be assigned a project manager who will manage the project from start to finish. Our project managers ensure predictability and financial security throughout the project. They also ensure strict compliance with statutory regulations to help you avoid problems. Our skilled craftsmen are well trained in the use of tools and equipment. They always use the necessary protective equipment and set up approved scaffolding to ensure good HSE for workers and residents. We limit noise and dust as much as possible and actively inform residents and neighbours about the work. As an Eco-Lighthouse certified company, we ensure correct waste management and recycling in line with applicable regulations.



Complete maintenance on surfaces from facade to floor.

Our services for housing cooperatives and condominiums are wide-ranging. From interior and exterior painting to maintenance of stairways, corridors, windows, doors and garages. We also offer floor renovation, spot repair of heating cables and membranes. Facade cleaning is essential - a clean facade extends the life of the building materials, prevents algae and mould, and enhances the aesthetics and value of the property.



Regular maintenance is good economy.

As a board member of a housing co-operative, you bear an important responsibility for both the value of the building and the well-being of the residents. Regular and quality-assured maintenance helps to preserve and potentially increase the value of the property. This gives residents safer and more comfortable homes. Budget management lays the foundation for good financial management and securing funds for maintenance projects. Also consider establishing a maintenance fund for unforeseen major interventions. Your leadership shapes the value, environment and future of your housing co-operative.

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