Renovation with care: Your way to a new floor without replacing it!  

Do you have worn and old vinyl or linoleum flooring, wooden floors, sports floors etc. that are not damaged but have lost their lustre? We can renovate such surfaces! 

When you choose Dr Schutz Nordic A/S's renovation system, you choose a solution that combines functionality and aesthetics with sustainability and responsibility. It's a choice that means you're not just investing in a floor, but in our shared future and a healthier planet!

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The most durable floor renovation on the market.

Dr.Schutz floor renovation is the most durable, cost-effective and easy-to-clean floor renovation solution on the market. You can renovate on the existing surface, bring the floor back to its original appearance or create your own design floor. Finally, we seal the floor with PU sealer that seals joints and seams, ensuring that bacteria and dirt do not settle in the floor. The solution has a quick installation time and consists of only environmentally friendly and documented products. We offer a 6-year warranty for normal wear and tear, and with a pore-tight surface that requires significantly less maintenance, the solution is very cost-effective. 

Our floor renovation is very well documented, and in total, more than 70 million m2 of PU sealer has been applied to floors such as linoleum and vinyl worldwide.



Climate accounts showing real savings!

Dr Schutz Nordic A/S was the winner of 'Sustainable Floor Renovation' in both 2018, 2019 and 2020, precisely because of their renovation of existing coatings.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we send you a detailed climate account after completion of the renovation. This account gives you an overview of how much resources you have saved - both in terms of water and electricity. It also illustrates how much you've reduced your carbon footprint through lower CO₂ emissions, as well as the amount of chemicals you've avoided releasing into the environment.

Our solution is designed to last up to three times longer than other PUR solutions on the market, which naturally reduces the need for frequent renovations and thus reduces the waste generated over time. Longevity is not just a cost saving; it is a direct contribution to a more circular economy, where we extend the life of our products and reduce our environmental footprint.



Preserve and protect the floor you already have.

Do you have whole but worn and old vinyl or linoleum flooring that you don't really need or want to rip out to replace with a new coating?

With our refurbishment solution, we can preserve the coverings you already have. What we do: We clean the coating of old bone wax and dirt to restore the floor's original appearance. Then we apply PUR to seal the floor and you get a new, clean, dense, durable and maintenance-friendly surface. 

With limited downtime, our method is more sustainable, time-efficient and cost-effective than replacing the entire floor.



Design your own floor and create a new look.

Using our design flooring solution, we can rehabilitate even if your floor is heavily worn or partially damaged. We replace the damaged areas of the floor with a new coating and repair deep indentations. We then apply a new colour to the coating according to your wishes, giving you many possibilities for new expressions through colours, textures and motifs. You can choose from all RAL colours, mix in coloured flakes and select different zones to be coloured. It is also possible to lay down foil with motifs, logos, etc. on the floor.

The result is a new surface on your existing floor that is saved from demolition you may have feared was inevitable.



We carry out fast and cost-effective renovations.

Make old sports floors look like new! With Dr Schutz Sports Flooring System, you can give new life to older floors in sports halls and gymnasiums. The renovation can be carried out without dirt and noise, while the floor markings can be refreshed or coloured. After renovation, the floor looks brand new, with the same friction and clear, updated lines. This is quick, significantly more cost-effective and definitely more environmentally friendly than tearing out the floor.



High hygiene factor is important.

Our team has extensive experience of floor renovation in hospitals, nursing homes and clinics. Tests confirm that the use of PU sealer seals joints, effectively preventing bacteria and dirt build-up. This results in easier cleaning and the floor becomes highly resistant to bacteria. We also offer optimal solutions for renovating ESD floors, or building completely new ESD floors on existing coatings. 


Do you have worn-out hardwood floors lacking luster?

Make your wood floors look like new with our wood systems.

Good-looking wooden floors wear out quickly and require regular sanding and oiling to preserve the product's lifespan. This takes time, resources and is unsustainable. By applying Dr. Schutz woodsealer, the floor will have an extended lifespan - and sanding will no longer be necessary.

Dr. Schutz wood systems provide options for both natural, oiled and coloured looks, with PU Wood Sealer as a robust solution that comes with a 10-year warranty.


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