Commercial Painting

In the commercial sector, it's crucial to have a partner that not only delivers on aesthetics, but also understands the unique challenges the business faces.



Painting on time without compromise.

We handle large surfaces simultaneously using modern machinery, environmentally friendly products and efficient working methods. Co-operation with other specialist groups is important for progress and completion. We work efficiently, without sacrificing quality, to ensure that the project is completed on time.



Save time and money with a professional operator.

Postponing maintenance of a housing co-operative or condominium can quickly become expensive in the long run. To prevent the property from deteriorating, it is important to carry out regular maintenance work both internally and externally. What can we offer you who are responsible for maintenance in a housing cooperative or condominium?



We combine expertise and quality work.

Projects in the renovation, conversion and extension (RCE) market include a range of assignments, from antiquarian projects to refurbishment of shopping centres and office buildings. Rehabilitation requires insight into the condition of the building and the choice of the right products and techniques to optimise aesthetics and functionality. Our craftsmen handle the renovation of apartment blocks and commercial buildings, from small to large projects. Sustainability is a cornerstone of our business and we continuously focus on reuse. On site visits, we look at what can be continued, renewed and reused with the right customised products and solutions.

How do you adapt to specific requirements from companies in the business sector?

How do you ensure that your craftsmen always deliver the highest quality work?

Why is it important for you to follow brand manuals and how does it affect your collaboration with your customers' teams and suppliers?

How do you implement sustainable premises in your work process?

How do you manage flexibility in working hours?

How do you coordinate multiple disciplines?

How do you practice safety procedures?

What focus do you have on cleaning throughout the assignment?

How do you relate to the Transparency Act?