Our Flooring Solutions

We supply flooring solutions for most premises and organisations. Economy, time and capacity are all factors that affect the economics of a flooring project. With our expertise, we ensure that your project is carried out cost-effectively and within the agreed timeframe.



Groundwork is the key to perfect floors.

We install most types of flooring and are happy to help you find the right flooring solution. The preparatory work when laying flooring is extremely important to ensure a good end result. This is often more difficult than you might think, but we are experts at this. Through thorough preparatory work throughout the project, we will ensure that you are satisfied. Many people are unsure whether the substrate needs to be levelled before a new floor is laid. Our skilled flooring installers always carry out a thorough review and recommend a good solution before the floor is laid.



Keep it cosy.

In spaces such as meeting rooms, offices and shops, carpets and carpet tiles are becoming an increasingly popular solution.We offer a wide range of materials and colours to match any design need. The products are durable and designed to withstand high traffic and mechanical wear and tear. This makes them an advantageous choice even in areas where many would traditionally consider a different solution.

One of the biggest benefits of choosing carpet and carpet tiles for your business premises is the improvement of the environment and acoustics. A carpeted room invites people to stay, collaborate, and creates a warmer and more welcoming atmosphere than hard floor surfaces. Today's modern products are particularly good for the environment and indoor climate. In many cases, the product is made from recyclable materials.


Wetroom Coverings

Wet rooms have strict requirements for tightness, hygiene and durability.

There is something extraordinary about beautiful and functional coatings that not only look good, but also fulfil the necessary functional needs. In wet rooms, there are special requirements for the waterproofness of the structure. Installation of vinyl flooring should therefore be carried out by professionals with relevant experience and expertise. We specialise in wet rooms and can help you find the right solution for the construction of surfaces and what is crucial for a good and lasting result.

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